Which Do You Think Is The Most Beautiful/ Kindest/ All Around Best Zodiac Sign?

Question by S: Which do you think is the most beautiful/ kindest/ all around best zodiac sign?
Try to be truthful and unbiased. Don’t comment saying “you cant judge someone on their star sign” or whatever, because all I’m asking for is opinions.

Best answer:

Answer by [Common Sense]
(people with these signs in their SUN or a lot in their natal)

nice/kindest……….i want to say water signs…….as water signs seem peaceful, nurturing, care givers (except scorpios)

beautiful/pretty….. i want to say fire sign.. idk why but yes leos and sags ive hear women like to look very feminine and glamorous thus projecting beauty

all around i would say earth signs as they are down to earth people hence the saying…… there heads are leveled to earth

(BONUS Air sign would be good for knowledge)


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11 Responses to “Which Do You Think Is The Most Beautiful/ Kindest/ All Around Best Zodiac Sign?”

  • allie:

    Cancer men, Libra women

  • johnnyblazing:

    Sagittarius is prolly the kindest. I find that in myself, i have always done the best i could and gone to mad lengths to help out people i don’t even know/ not very well. Unfortunately many a time i’ve gotten quite screwed over for kindness, so yea. Hell of a world, doesn’t really pay to be kind. Ah well :) as far as beautiful goes, i’m sure if i was a chick i’d be sexy as hell. I find scorpios beautiful and kind too

  • Koko L:

    Ah that’s so hard for me…. I like A LOT of the zodiac signs, lol.

    In my opinion, though:

    I think Libra is the most beautiful/kindest/all around best.

    Lol, watch I’ll probably get thumbs down for stating an opinion when it was asked. Some people can be so childish…

  • Light as a feather:

    Beautiful Zodiacs – Capricorns and Virgos
    I think they are very down to earth, and are genuine with what they do. They are also quite flawless in my opinion, which makes them beautiful.

    Kindest- Pisces and Cancers
    They are the softies of the zodiacs and are quite self sacrificing and want the best for people. Theyre water nature gives them that great trait, makng them kind at heart.

  • Sharon:

    Pisces men and Libras are both very kind. The kindest in my opinion.

  • Fly on the Wall:

    Most beautiful – Earth signs, esp Capricorns. Very unique features. Beautiful bone structure.

    All around best signs – Once again, Earth Signs. Good at everything they do and conscientious. No one in the whole zodiac can beat their abilities.

    Kindest – I agree. Water signs, esp Cancers. Very nurturing.

    Not of much use – Air and Fire signs. One is full of hot air and out-of-this world thoughts. The other sign is just full of itself!

  • Crank DAT Spidaman:

    It’s called SUN sign

    Pisces is the kindest, most Beautiful

  • Heidi T:

    Beautiful – Fire signs , also Libra and Gemini
    Kindest – Water signs, also Aquarius and Leo
    All around the best – Air signs

  • bryseana:

    My opinion isn’t necessarily unbiased.

    The Geminis I know have been incredibly generous and kind. Not that other people aren’t, but the ones I’ve known have gone beyond the norm.

    Most beautiful? My mom (Virgo).

    My all-time favorite zodiac is Aquarius. It’s a cool and fascinating sign.

  • Misty:

    Cancer and Pisces tie for me :)

    Pisces, they’re the mysterious dreamers of the zodiac. They can either be very kind, or incredibly harsh depending on the person. The element of mystery surrounding them leaves you yearning for more, and their polar opposites makes them intriguing. In a horoscope book I own, theres a theory that Pisces is a combination of all the signs put together, and that a Pisces will never have to be reincarnated again on Earth. “They can hit the heights and plumb the depths, they’re the saint and the sinner.”
    And thats why we love them.

    The equal winner for me is Cancer. If you’re born under the sign of Cancer you are supposed to be amongst the most beautiful people in the world (all the cancers I’ve met prove this!) and are nurturing to all they love. They might be protective at first, just like their symbol (the crab) but once they open up to you you have a friend for life. Their emotional connection to their possessions and family prove their loyalty to anything, and they’re very sentimental. Perfect.

  • Giga:

    Beautiful- first:Cancer, second:Libra, third:Pisces

    Just my opinion. I have three best friends, their horoscope signs are Libra, Cancer and Aries. My Cancer friend is the most beautiful girl in school, followed by my Libra friend then my Pisces friend. All are very beautiful, and I checked. Most Cancerian girls are proven to be the most beautiful among the horoscope signs.

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